Seven Years of Winter

Film description

Andrej, a seven-year-old orphan boy, is being exploited by his corrupt brother Artjom.
He sends Andrej in to loot values from the nuclear ghost town, Prypjat that was left by the reactor meltdown in Chernobyl.
The radioactive radiation have driven people from their homes, but the human absence makes the place a paradise for the relentless Artjoms cold-blooded activities.
While Andrej is looking through the abandoned possessions and family photos, he lives into the lives that once existed in the abandoned apartments. He tries to fill the gap after the dead parents by letting his imagination bring him into the families he meets on the pictures.
Illusions heals and repairs Andrejs wounded soul, while the radiation slowly breaks down his body.

Director : Marcus Schwenzel
Producer : Cross Film Berlin, Marcus Schwenzel Filmproduktion & Picturewise film)
Tasks : Producer, organization of festival life.
Postproduction, colourgrading, mastering

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