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The film Sneum is the authentic and incredible story of the Danish fly-Lieutenant Thomas Christian Sneum that during World War II worked as a spy for England. He revealed the German radar installations on the west coast and even brought the information forward to the English in a small one motor Hornet Moth aircraft.

Freedom is an inevitable theme in films about the occupation, but for Sneum it was not just a political truism. He hated the idea of being governed by others.


"Stikker" is a fate drama based on the true story of the 21-year-old Gestapo-snitch Grethe Bartram during the second world war. She was sentenced to death after the occupation, but later pardoned. It is the story of a young woman who in the time of transition got lost between the poles, right and wrong, good and evil, with major consequences for herself and her surroundings.

Væbnet Med Ord & Vinger

A drama documentary journey through the poet Michael Strunge life and universe. The film paints a picture of Michael Strunge through conversations with his closest. The boyfriend, the friends, colleagues and partners. We get a picture of a man who became the center of a new generation of poets in the early 80s. He was the mirror of a generation, of identity and a way of life, while struggling with anxiety and psychotic episodes that ultimately killed him.